Our Utmost Gratitude To TheGirl.co For Featuring Us!

We were featured on TheGirl.co’s site as one of the go-to companies for a fulfilling, relaxing yacht adventure by the waters. Source: TheGirl.co If you haven’t heard of this one-stop blog site for any female-related news or needs – TheGirl.co is actually the best girl pal you can count on for top secrets on lifestyle and beauty tips. Pop over to their website and even discover the newest female lifestyle trends, fantastic beauty buys and suggestions, and even controversial, informative topics like hair transplants and plastic surgery. Source: TheGirl.co All in all, the female-centred blog site aspires to help women make informed decisions on their own by learning, educating, and empowering themselves through news, information, and articles featured on their platform. So, now you know who TheGirl.co is, it’s time to take your staycation to the next level by understanding what’s in store for you as you decide to go for a private yacht rental with us (as seen from TheGirl.co’s feature)! One-stop destination for any occasion by the sea Whether it’s for an evening cruise, day charter, extended or overnight yacht trip – Valencia Yachts has got you covered with our multipurpose boats; fully equipped and perfect for all sorts of occasions. You could choose to rent a yacht for a party or even for some special, alone time with your spouse. Be it for family bonding time, wedding solemnisation or proposal, birthday celebrations, team building events, dinner cruises, corporate events, hosting of VVIP clients, or even island hopping – we’re ready to fulfil any of your needs at once! Attentive & top-notch crew service Valencia Yacht’s team is licensed and experienced enough to bring you around Singapore’s surroundings and clean borders, at the same time, always ensuring that any demands are met and handled with care. Not to mention, we’ve even had the honour of hosting high ranking individuals, varying from international CEOs to government officials. Diversity of spacious, lavish yacht options Discover a variety of yacht options as you stumble across our luxurious 52 feet Leopard catamaran, as well as our lavish Valencia and Victoria Charter, which is able to hold up to 33 guests and 28 guests respectively. You’re able to either opt for a 4 or 5 hours charter, or even choose to have an overnight yacht trip – it entirely depends on your needs, occasion, and the availability of slots! A private yacht cost at Valencia Yachts begin from $999 onwards, and rates vary depending on the number of pax to ensure you only pay for the number of guests onboard. Moving into Phase 2, we are now allowed to take in bookings of up to 30 onboard guests. However, safe management measures still apply as COVID-19 is still present, as your well-being is of utmost importance. Feel free to contact us should you have any enquiries. Without said, we deeply appreciate TheGirl.co’s feature on their blog site! Truly, we cannot thank the team enough for doing so, and we only hope to bring our customers and potential prospects a fulfilling experience aboard our yachts.

Building Relationships On A Yacht: 4 Tips To Family Bonding

Nothing quite beats having quality family time. Life can get so busy, and family members may start to grow apart from one another, resulting in one feeling estranged from the other. However, this only presents an opportunity for you to plan a family bonding session to reignite the relationship with your loved ones once more! So, if you’ve let the bond between you and your family skip; it’s time to embark on a private yacht rental for ample time to spend together reconnecting. Without further ado, here are a few things you can prepare ahead to ensure the time is spent well and caters towards family bonding. Plan your itinerary accordingly It’s important that the whole family’s interests are catered to. Spending too much time on one activity that only one of you loves and the others are not too fond of, is not a good idea for bonding. Sit around the table before disembarking, and discuss the interests of everyone. Take into account what everybody wants to do and plan an itinerary accordingly. You should definitely add excursions and activities that can be enjoyed as an entire family. For instance, it could be an activity as simple as bird watching! It’s a perfect way to keep everyone involved just by documenting on a field journal, identifying birds, and keeping a family log of every one of the birds you catch sight of. Whether it’s by taking or drawing pictures – prepare to get ready for some fun-filled adventure with your fellow family members. Limit the use of electronics This might be an unpopular rule, but when digital devices are removed from the equation, family members will be encouraged to actually speak to one another. After all, you want to actually spend the holiday communicating with each other rather than have faces stuck to their phones. Still, allocate a specific time of the day to let your family members take a break and unwind with their technological devices – be it for playing their mobile games or posting phones on their social media. Other than for that particular period, for the rest of the holiday – no digital devices! Once in a lifetime activities Just like a yacht birthday party, a family bonding session is a great way to create long-lasting memories. Without a doubt, there are loads of activities that you will be able to do once you are sailing around the coast. For example, you can take this opportunity to watch a sunset by the waters; something one won’t usually get to do when you’re on land! The experience is just extra sensational and it’ll definitely make for an excellent photo that you and your family will cherish forever. Create delicious food together Certain luxury yacht charters do have chefs who will be ready to whip up scrumptious meals according to guests’ preferences. But rather than leaving the cooking duties to someone else – why not do it on your own with your family members instead? If there is one thing that can bring a family together it’s eating delicious food, and it’s twice better when it’s a meal that has been cooked by everyone! Try out different kinds of cuisine and snacks; food that you haven’t tried before as a family. It could be Vietnamese, Korean, Thai or any other cuisine that appeals to you and your family! No matter the choice, as long as everyone is on the same page – the cooking experience will make for a fun one. Just make sure you do everything in your own kitchen beforehand so the cleanup process will be a lot easier. … Read More

6 Dinner Date Ideas For A Romantic Experience Aboard A Yacht

Amongst the many ways you can celebrate an anniversary or your partner’s birthday, a new unique idea you should try out would be a date aboard a yacht! You’ll be able to show them how much you really care and treat them to something that makes them feel appreciated. To help you turn the dinner date into a very special night without glitches, here are a few things you can try to make it perfect when you decide to go for luxury yacht charters. Setting the mood What makes the difference between a normal dinner date and a romantic dinner date? The ambience and setting, of course! You’ll already have gorgeous sunset views on the waters, but the dinner table should be just as romantic. Add candles, rose petals and a classy table cloth to a small square table on the top deck. The table shouldn’t be too big – it should be easy for both of you to reach out to each other. Make sure there are blankets available for when it gets chilly. Add music or entertainment Before you decide to bring your own devices, check with your private yacht rental company if they have a sound system available on deck; otherwise, you should try to bring a speaker and add music to set up the ambience. Even if you don’t have a speaker, your mobile phone will do as well! All you have to do next is create a playlist of your favorite songs and let it play in the background. This will allow the two of you to engage in a romantic slow dance on your song together. Alternatively, you can arrange for live entertainment – someone serenading you while you enjoy a lovely meal! Have a dress code Telling your partner that you’ll be going on a yacht, might have them dressing up in boat clothes. To keep it formal and romantic, inform them that they have to dress up. Getting all dolled up sets the mood for an amazing date night. Consider fine dining Check with your yacht company if they have an onboard chef, and if they’re able to set up a fine dining experience for you and your partner. Otherwise, you may also take the initiative to prepare a meal beforehand, pack it, and surprise your partner with a delicious dish. After all, nothing beats sincerity and effort! Instead of getting your normal order that you would at a restaurant, be adventurous and try a different kind of cuisine too. Last but not least, don’t forget dessert! After dinner bed After you’ve enjoyed a meal, why not set up a cosy space where you can be a bit more relaxed? Big pillows, comfy blankets, fairy lights, and soft cushioning will be a great idea to enjoy the landscape scenes while gazing into each other’s eyes. Massage Whether it’s before or after a light dinner, arrange a couple’s massage on the deck of the boat. The calming water will make you feel even more relaxed and connected to each other. As long as you put thought into the romantic dinner date, it will no doubt be a success. Bonus for being on a private yacht, is that you can arrange accommodation for the night and even enjoy a sleepover and a gorgeous sunrise breakfast. With that in mind, you can check with us, Valencia Yachts, for our yacht charter prices. With our current Phase 2 promotions, you can score a romantic dinner date at a fraction of the usual price.