How To Incorporate The Nautical Theme Into Your Wedding


how to incorporate the nautical theme into your wedding

Nautical themes are making a huge comeback in many events. You can have a nautical-influenced theme for your wedding by following our professional wedding planner tips. Many brides and grooms are planning their special wedding days on private yacht charters. For couples who are in love with the sea, a nautical theme is a perfect way to celebrate while tying the knot. Whether you are hosting your wedding on a boat or land, there is no reason why you can’t incorporate everything nautical into your special day. Here are some of our tips on incorporating the ocean theme into your big day: A Fisherman’s knot Infuse the sweet sentiment of literally tying the knot after you’ve said your ‘I dos’. A fisherman’s knot is known as one of the most secure knots in the world. You can either knot two pieces of string and ribbon together or opt for a strong sailing boat rope. The knot can be used as décor spruce up the yacht and match the nautical theme. Table settings Using bright blue napkins on the tables adds an extra ocean flare. You can even custom design blue napkins with white borders or vice versa for an added nautical feel. Incorporating the colours blue, white, and gold into the rest of the table setting will further emphasise the chosen theme. No shoes It’s best not to use stilettos or hard sole shoes on the deck as they may damage the vessel. However, it all depends on the yacht you’ll be sailing on too – so, check with the private yacht rental company beforehand to know the exact details of your chosen boat! On the other hand, you can also choose to keep it casual and informal by going completely barefoot or opting for nautical boat shoes in navy, white, khaki, or red. Bottled message This is an age-old tradition, where people write a romantic note or love letter. So, if you want to head back to ancient times, you can add this to your yacht. Just roll up the note or letter, place it in a glass bottle and then release it into the ocean. You can continue this sweet ritual by writing your vows and promises on the note. At the same time, can even let your guests write blessings and wishes for the future on notes and add it into the bottle! However, to be eco-friendly, we suggest not releasing the bottle into the ocean, but rather close it, take it home and open it again on your tenth wedding anniversary.  In a way, it also lets you reminisce the special moment as you read the letter once more. A Sailboat Nothing says ‘nautical’ more than a fully decked out sailboat. Hobbyists have heaps of fun building correctly scaled sailboats as decorations. Complete with embroidered sales, wooden deck, and steering wheel, these model boats make great table centrepieces. Sailor cake toppings Instead of opting for the traditional bride and groom cake toppings, why not pick a female and male sailor complete with a navy outfit and sailor’s hat? If you feel more connected to the fantastical pirates, you can be eccentric and pick two pirates for your cake topping. Show your love for the ocean and the nautical lifestyle by incorporating these classy, yet fun ideas into your wedding.

8 Types Of Events You Can Choose To Host Onboard A Yacht


8 types of events you can choose to host onboard a yacht

Are you interested in hosting an unforgettable party on a boat, but not sure what events you can and cannot celebrate by the water? Read on for some of our ideas that will guarantee a memorable day onboard. From a team bonding session with colleagues, a significant corporate event to the grand welcoming of a newborn – yachts offer a great venue for anyone who has an event coming up. If you have been wanting to celebrate a special event on a boat for ages, but aren’t quite sure what you can host on a weekend boat charter, then here are some great ideas: Birthday party Probably one of the most celebrated events on a boat is birthday parties. Whether it is a sweet 16, big 30, or even the milestone 60, boats are excellent for celebrating birthdays. You can dress up and decorate according to a specific theme, let your guests enjoy the stunning views from our yachts, and have fun jumping in the water. Wedding Celebrate your wedding on a weekend private yacht charter with several close friends and relatives. Some boat rentals in Singapore come with a variety of different sized bedrooms, choice of catering, and exceptional service. You can celebrate your special day watching the beautiful sunsets while enjoying on-water privacy. Anniversary Staying married for more than 10 years is an accomplishment in itself. You and your partner can celebrate your anniversary by spending quality time cruising around beautiful coastlines. romantic sunset champagne dinners? A cosy, relaxing overnight sail by the waters? All sorts of romantic activities await aboard a yacht! Bachelor and bachelorettes Celebrating your last night of freedom on the waters is an experience that’s strongly recommended. You can hire a pumping DJ to play dance music throughout the night, after swimming and sunbathing during the day. Product launch or Media PR There’s no need to exclude corporate functions from boat activities. For unique and exclusive product launches or PR parties, you can invite your guests onto our boat. The experience in itself will create an informal but exclusive environment for potential investors or partners. Team Building Bring the team together by creating a fun event on a boat. Scrumptious catering, splendid views, combined with a series of exciting team building activities will bond the team while everyone is having a great time. Conferences Conferences can become really mundane when hosted in a toned-down centre or venue. When you decide to go for private yacht rental, you can combine formal speeches and still spark it up with a little bit of fun. Not only will it be enjoyable for everyone who is in attendance, but you’ll most probably find that everyone will be more present and interested in the information presented. Baby shower Everyone celebrates a new baby’s arrival on land. So, why not make this significant day a memorable one? Guests can indulge in delicious on deck food and beverages, and the ocean as a background will create ample photo opportunities for family members with the baby! Then, add to the mood by decorating the boat in an array of colours and décor – it’ll make for a lovely addition. On the other hand, if you’re going for a more formal affair and extra ambience, you can consider hiring a live band alternatively. The list of events you can celebrate on a boat is endless. No matter what the celebration, you can always find a reason to enjoy cruising on a luxury boat. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Host A Birthday Party On A Yacht


5 reasons why you should host a birthday party on a yacht

Your birthday happens only once a year, and celebrating it should take priority, always. So, it’s time to start planning if you haven’t! On the other hand, if you are still debating on having your party in any of the local spots in your city, then it’s time to take it to the water! Not only will you give yourself and your guests the experience of a lifetime, but it will also open up countless possibilities for your birthday party. So, if you are considering this amazing venue for your next birthday, then here are five more compelling reasons why you should book it now. Variety of options There are loads of private yacht rental options that will fit your budget, guest list, and style. Choose from our luxurious Victoria or Valencia Yachts charter and enjoy a mini party with your guests onboard! Or if you want your party to last a little bit longer on your special day, then you can grab your close friends and family and take off on a day charter. The private yacht cost at Valencia Yachts start from $999, and you can even take a closer look at our Phase 2 promotions for greater deals! If you have any enquiries, just pop them over to us and we’ll get back to you at the soonest. Delicious food When you book through an experienced boat charter company in Singapore, they will offer you the option of catering. . You would not have to plan any meals beforehand or stress about whether there will be enough food for everyone. You will have an option of having all catering done onboard for you and your guests. You can even request for your favourite dishes, and our we’ll whip up your meals. First-class facilities Luxury yachts have excellent facilities. This includes beautiful, well-furnished rooms, bathrooms, entertainment areas and even bars. Even if you don’t want the yacht to cruise around, you can still get all the benefits from the on-deck facilities while the yacht is anchored. When anchored, the guests’ cars will be parked nearby, and it will be convenient for them to come and go as they please. A themed party Yes, sure you can have themed parties on land as well. The difference is that many luxury private yacht companies provide customised experiences. This allows you to choose everything from the theme to the food, music and even the entertainment. In fact, you are encouraged to incorporate a few fun activities to keep your guests engaged. Valencia Yachts offers options where you can incorporate themes not only on the yacht itself but also to the destinations you’ll be cruising too. Why not have a Hawaiian experience onboard as well as off-board? Special attention Chartering a yacht comes with a few extra perks that you won’t find at other venues. A qualified crew will be present to tend to your every need to make your yacht experience unforgettable. The crew will be on call for the whole duration of the event. And this will give you the peace of mind to relax and leave the hosting in someone else’s hands. There you have it, our five reasons why you should definitely consider booking a luxury yacht for your birthday party. Without a doubt, it will be a remarkable experience for everyone.