5 Fun Ideas For Team Building Activities On A Yacht

Are you having your company’s team building on a yacht? Then here are a few fun team building activities you can incorporate to spice up the trip! Team building can be great fun or incredibly dull. No matter where you take the team for some bonding time, nothing quite matches up with the experience of going for private yacht rental. However, if your team is not used to spending time together outside the office, the yacht trip can get slightly boring. To help prevent colleagues from feeling irritated and uninterested, here are some of the best team building activities you can consider if you’re planning to host on a yacht! Mental treasure hunt There are not a lot of spots on a yacht that can be used as great hiding places for a scavenger hunt. Therefore, you can implement a series of brain teasers or mental puzzles for teams of 3-4 which they would have to solve collectively at different stations. The team that solves the most puzzles after a specific time limit wins! Personality differences The entire team should be given a personality test or quiz before the trip. We recommend doing some research on accredited and experienced companies who do personality tests. The whole idea is for the team to get to know each other’s personalities after all! On the yacht, the facilitator can explain the various personality types, and the teams could guess who falls into which categories. Discussing what motivates or demotivates certain personality types enhances teamwork and understanding amongst the colleagues, which makes it an apt team-building activity. Solve a problem In this activity, the team is encouraged to prepare a problematic scenario at the start of the yacht cruise. The problems should be relevant to the company and its daily procedures. The employees should then be divided into teams of 3-4 and throw all the problems in a hat. Each team draws a problem randomly and gets half an hour to come up with a solution. Once the time is up, each team should present its solution. You can even add new rules to encourage communication among colleagues. For instance, getting the team to roleplay and act out the problem and then the solution they have come up with. Build it For this activity, the facilitators can hand out the same kind of supplies that might include toothpicks, rubber bands, sellotape, ice cream sticks, etc. They have to build a device that can hold an egg at least 30 cm in the air without it falling and breaking. The twist: no one can test their device with an egg beforehand. When the teams are ready, one egg will be brought around the room and placed on the devices. Prepare to watch the tension, expectation, and adrenaline rise in the room! Show and tell Each team member has to prepare for a short 1-2 minute show and tell before the trip. They can bring a small item, video of something at home or even share a hobby or interest from their personal life. This is an excellent icebreaker, especially at the start of the team building event, as it relaxes the atmosphere and allows everyone to share something personal about themselves. Team building can be extremely successful on a private yacht cruising on beautiful waters. It can be made even more enjoyable by incorporating some of these light-hearted activities.

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We’re more than grateful to have caught the eyes of Sassy Mama and be featured on their lovely website – truly, we cannot thank them enough! If you’ve not heard or come across their page, they’re a family-friendly site that brings readers the latest news of the latest trends and activities, parenting tips, and even style and beauty guides! Managed by a group of fun-loving mothers with a passion for bringing forward up-to-date content to mostly mothers – Sassy Mama prides themselves as one of the go-to guides for anything news related. Source: SassyMama Facebook However, while their news is directed towards the sassy moms – they pretty much have news that’s relevant and insightful for anyone in particular too! Now, that we’ve covered who Sassy Mama is – here’s a round-up of what we’re able to offer, as mentioned in their article. Wide variety of catamarans From our Victoria Charter to our Valencia Charter, we’re able to offer customers a luxurious and memorable experience with our private yacht charters! Prices start from $999, and one can choose from the option of 4 hours or 5 hours charter. Versatility in accommodating your needs While our yachts are both family-friendly and spacious, we’re also able to provide a space for various events – be it a yacht birthday party, family bonding session, dinner cruise or island hopping even! There’s a choice of day, evening, or overnight cruise as well – simply fill us in with your details, and we’ll gladly assist you. Exceptional quality and service Our friendly captain and crew are always attentive to your needs and ensuring they meet your expectations throughout the trip. Combined with their expertise and attention to detail in service, the crew can even customise the trip to your preference. Once again, our heartfelt gratitude to Sassy Mama for the kind feature on their site. We only hope to bring our customers the best service as possible! From corporate events to weddings on a yacht – we are always striving to work as hard as we can to deliver a terrific experience.

Get The Most From Your Crewed Charter With These Tips

Yacht trips are perfect for many occasions – be it a holiday, a wedding celebration, or even simply for a business occasion. Not only do you get the entire yacht to yourself, but you can also plan the itinerary with your crew to fit your preferences. At all times, you will have the best views of the coastline and natural surroundings – not to mention having an exceptional and comfortable experience with the crew. Even though most private yacht charter companies are experienced in providing the ultimate yacht experience to their guests, it’s still important that you take some matter into your own hands. To get the most out of your crewed charter trip, we’ve compiled a few expert tips to note. Be clear about your expectations If you have not contacted a yacht charter company just yet, then it’ll be a good idea to first address any questions when sending in your inquiry. Be extremely specific of what you’re looking for throughout the trip; this will give the crew a clear indication of your needs. Meanwhile, if you have already settled on a company, then all you have to do is indicate your preferred date, boat, timing, number of pax, and food. When sending in your booking confirmation, you can also provide information that includes food allergies, medical conditions, anchor preferences, privacy needs, and whether you’d like a quiet relaxing holiday or something more upbeat. Your crew won’t have to guess what your specific needs are, and you’ll be able to enjoy your trip from the get-go. For more information regarding the boat or food provided, you can always give the company a call for a direct and detailed answer. Itinerary flexibility Usually, the itinerary is fixed, and there will already be a list of designated places that the captain of the yacht will bring you to. However, you can still give your input on the type of sceneries you’re looking for, and the itinerary can be slightly adjusted to your liking! So, put together a bucket list of what you’d like to see, or even things you’d like to do and prepare for an exciting trip. In many cases, the weather doesn’t always play along; you are going to have to be able to adapt accordingly. Or be willing to reroute to a hidden magical spot that your captain suggests. Talk to the captain The person in charge of your entire journey, is the captain. It’s therefore extremely important to have an open communication channel with him/her. You’ll be able to check in with them at the beginning of the day to go over the daily itinerary and perhaps decide whether to change course or where to dock. Meanwhile, you can fill him/her in on any additional needs you’re looking for, or any issues you’re experiencing onboard – be it a sick individual or faulty equipment. Adhere to the rules onboard For your own and guests’ safety, it’s crucial for you to adhere to any rules that are given by the yacht charter company. This is a vessel with many moving parts and should be treated with care. Thus, comply with the rules and any other safety regulations. Show appreciation to your crew Usually, professional crew members from most private boat charter companies have had extensive onboard training – after all, their job is to take care of you and your guests. The crew boasts a meticulous team of individuals who are always attentive to your needs, ready to make sure each one of your needs is met. At Valencia Yachts itself, our highly experienced crew has even … Read More

4 Beginner’s Tips For A Successful Yacht Charter Experience

Jumping on the yacht charter trend can be quite exciting. Instead of going on big cruise ships or bus trips, many have decided to have a holiday-like experience by the sea. Especially with the COVID-19 situation, travelling to other countries as you usually do may not be possible. Still, staycations aside at a hotel – there are still many ways to let loose and take a day off from work or spend time with your loved ones – such as going for private yacht charters. Not to mention, travelling from port to port on a luxury yacht while enjoying gorgeous views and the ocean breeze, is a great “holiday” idea. So, if this is your first time embarking on a charter, fret not! Keep reading on and find out how you can have a relaxing and care-free yacht trip. Ensure the crew is able to meet your demands Depending on your personal needs, you’ll have to lay down your trip requirements or purpose loud and clear before getting aboard the yacht. Typically, the crew will be able to accommodate different types of events and adapt accordingly – such as preparing for formal settings and providing 5-star exclusive experiences, creating a romantic atmosphere for couples, or even tending to children with big families. The private boat charter company will also provide you with an additional hour before sailing off, to set up your yacht – be it seating arrangements or decor. So, remember; the crew has a great impact on your enjoyment. All of you will be onboard together, and you’ll need people who can deal with issues gracefully, professionally, and tactfully. Make sure you get to know them for a fulfilling trip! Enquire about the safety precautions Aboard a yacht, it goes without saying that safety is extremely important for both yourself and your guests. Especially if it’s your first time onboard, you should all the more be aware of what the safety precautions are. These consist of telling guests about your intention to enter the waters, put on a floatation jacket, and last but not least – to swim. It’s best to know about such information from the start, so when you get the chance to meet them – go ahead and ask away! Be prepared for uncertain weather and peak seasons Before booking your dates, it’s important that you check in with your yacht charter company on when the peak dates are. You will want to avoid such busy periods, especially if you’re looking to have a peaceful time aboard with your partner or family members. However, if you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon of having your birthday parties, team building events or weddings on a yacht – then it may be unavoidable if everyone them at the same time. For example, if you’re looking to do it on an auspicious date, there may be other parties interested in doing the same as well. Weather-wise, you may stay prepared and check up information regarding tides, wind and weather conditions first. But at times, unexpected bursts of rain or the scorching hot sun are still bound to happen as you’re on the ocean. Hence, you will have to know the preparations – gear and provisions – which the yacht charter company has prepared. Enjoy the neighbours from afar You’ll likely bump into a few other neighbouring charters along the way. One of the most common reasons people do opt for charter holidays is to get some privacy and solitude. Hence, it’s important that you respect your neighbours by not anchoring too close to them or playing loud music … Read More

5 Delicious Catering Ideas For Your Yacht Wedding Feast

Hosting a wedding on private yacht charters can be so exciting and fulfilling. Not only will you give your guests an exclusive experience with gorgeous views of the surrounding landscapes, but you will also have the chance to really embody the nautical environment. When you don’t have all the cooking and kitchen facilities on a private yacht than what you would have on a typical wedding venue, picking catering options can be quite tricky. Still, it’s of no trouble, and it only means you stand a chance to brainstorm a little further for a scrumptious feast ahead! Without further ado, here is a complete list of delicious catering ideas you can consider for your wedding on a yacht. Sushi Sushi can be prepared the morning of the wedding, or freshly by an onboard sushi chef (if you decide to rope in one). California rolls, salmon roses, maki, sashimi, and nigiri are all bite-sized and delicious. Furthermore, you can add a variety of salmon salads, caviar entrees, and seaweed wraps onto the spread. What’s great about sushi, is that there are many different fried and fresh options available as well as vegetarian options. Arabian tapas or Meze  Perfect for a full-on meal or snacks during the celebrations are Arabian tapas. Each guest can choose which tapas to plate up and enjoy a taste from another country. These tapas can include small portions of olives, cheese, battered squid, calamari, croquettes, cured ham, tomato, feta, and potato cubes. Combined with a variety of flour tortillas or pieces of bread, this can be a great indulgence for guests. Seafood buffet Most weddings on boats have onboard chefs who are extremely talented in creating amazingly delicious meals from the ocean life found in the area. Having an entire spread made out of different kinds of seafood is a real treat for all guests. The seafood buffet can include a variety of squid, crab, prawns, fish, and shellfish. Prepared in a variety of different cooking methods and served either hot or cold. Sliders It’s difficult to beat the taste of a burger. Sliders are miniature burgers that can be served in a variety of different flavours. Create boards of sliders ranging between meat, chicken, and vegetarian options. Make sure that they are bite-sized in order for guests to grab one and be able to eat it without using a knife and fork. Another great idea is to combine small sliders with hot dogs from the grill. At first thought, it may sound like a really common food choice – but in actuality, you can really pick it up a notch by adding gourmet touches to it! Hors d’oeuvres Skip the main meal and serve only hors d’oeuvres to your guests. If you’re not sure of what these are, here’s a gist: also known as a starter or appetiser, a small dish that is served before the start of a meal in European cuisine. Hot or cold – it’s completely up to you! Have ample amounts of small bite-sized dishes available to your guests and have the crew walk around with platters of it. This can range from small prawn cocktails, to spring rolls, meat and veggie sticks. Always keep your surroundings in mind when planning your menu for the yacht. It should be easy to plate up as well as reflect the ocean around you.