4 Benefits Of Hosting Your Wedding Aboard A Yacht

Getting married is a big deal. Most of us only get married once in our lifetime. That’s why it’s so important to really make the most of the special day. If you are someone who is looking around at different wedding venues, but haven’t quite found the perfect place just yet – then you should definitely consider being part of the weddings on a yacht group. Hosting your wedding on a yacht gives you and your guests an exclusive experience that not many newlyweds have experienced. If you are still in two minds of whether to pick an on-land venue versus an on-water yacht, then here are a few benefits to help you make up your mind. Affordability Couples might think that yachts and boat charters are known to be highly-priced – that isn’t true at all. As a matter of fact, weddings on boats have proven to be more affordable than those hosted on land. This is because you will have a limited guest list, so it’s the perfect location for those looking to do a small wedding. At the same time, the price is according to the number of pax; not the location itself. At Valencia Yachts, there’s currently our Phase 2 promotion up for grab – where our Victoria Charter is available from $999 onwards while our Valencia Charter starts from $1200. Feel free to contact us for more information if necessary! Uniqueness Not all couples consider getting married on a yacht in the middle of the ocean. Hosting the ceremony on water definitely creates a special event for everyone involved. The setting is extremely exclusive, and because it’s such a unique choice of venue, it will create a very special moment. The rippling waves, the sunset that creates vibrant colours in the sky, and the gorgeous views of the surrounding landscapes create a mesmerising scene for you and your guests. Privacy Many weddings are hosted in hotels or venue settings that are easily accessible to the public. This often causes the wedding to be the victim of “gate crashers”. When you host your wedding celebrations on a yacht, you will be miles away from “gate crashers”. And you’ll only have to cater to those on the invitation list. Furthermore, you won’t hear cars passing, or other noises from other events hosted next door or nearby. This creates a very exclusive, private event that you and your wedding party can enjoy without being disturbed or interrupted. Romantic and adventurous Not only will you be able to live out your full Titanic fantasy on the front corner of the yacht, but you’ll also be able to change into swimming wear and take a quick dip in the ocean. You can request certain pitstop areas while you sail on the water and allow guests to all jump into the water to celebrate your commitment to each other. This way you’ll be able to have a very romantic affair combined with some water splashing adventures. Considering all of the above-mentioned advantages, there really isn’t anything that doesn’t look appealing. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a private yacht charter trip with us for an unforgettable wedding day experience!

How To Create Unforgettable Wedding Photos On A Yacht

Weddings on a yacht can be quite exciting. Not only is it a venue that defines originality, but it also creates ample opportunity for gorgeous photos. The ripples from the water, the coast on the horizon, and the vibrant colours from the sunset create gorgeous backdrops for amazing photos. Still, it is important to plan ahead when it comes to wedding photography on a boat. Why? Well, because there will be many guests roaming around on deck, not allowing much space for couple photos. Moreover, the space is quite limited when you go for boat charter, so you will have to really think about how you are going to take group photos as well as positioning everyone to avoid intense sun glare in the camera lens. However, it’s not at all impossible! It just calls for a little more thinking and planning to secure the best photos. Hence, let’s look at a few great ideas on how you can make your wedding sparkle with timeless memories. Group photos Arrange with all your guests to be at the docking station about an hour before the yacht will set sail. The photographer can take a big group photo on the platform before everyone embarks. This will not only ensure that there’s enough space for everyone in the photo, but also make sure that your guests are on time! Speed motion Even if the yacht is moving slowly, you will have to make sure that your photographer is using the correct shutter speed. This will ensure that the moving background is well captured. Usually, he or she will already know what’s needed to get the best shots – but just for caution sake; give them a heads up! The reason why this matters is that fast shutter speed is able to capture ripples and waves in the water in the background, which will create a gorgeous and action-like backdrop to your photos. Scenic city Make some time to take romantic photos at night. Couple photos look gorgeous when the glimmering city lights are in the background. You can even incorporate a series of fairy lights onto the yacht’s rails and tops for extra glimmering flare. Having a cityscape in the background will create an amazing architectural aesthetic. At night, the lights from the buildings will bounce off of the water, creating a beautiful mirror. This is the perfect background setting for romantic photos. Sunset at its best Sunset creates mesmerising warm tones in the sky. Make sure that everyone is photo-ready once the sun starts setting. Use the rails of the yacht or any other decorations as props and let the sunset create the backdrop to your photos. Photos, where the sun shines through the lens, will create a natural glimmer that results in a beautiful image. Golden hour Nothing can compare to the golden hour on a boat. Typically, you’ll be able to spot the golden hour when the sun is between six degrees below the horizon and six degrees above. This usually occurs in the first hour of light after sunrise, and the final hour of light before sunset – meaning, you get two golden hours each day! However, it’s just a rough estimate as it depends on your location – as the golden hour will either be shorter or longer. But once you’ve located the golden hour – use it to your advantage for some beautiful images! Use the natural lighting from the sun to capture guests gazing out onto the scenery. It will create a natural warm effect on the wooden surface from the yacht and bring out the … Read More

4 Tips On Organising An Unforgettable Yacht Wedding

Exchanging vows on a gorgeous boat is definitely a memorable occasion. However, just like having your big day at a typical wedding venue, you’ll find that weddings on a boat have a couple of similarities and differences when it comes to planning. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that it’s a lovely location host such a special occasion, and all the planning will be worthwhile when the day finally approaches! Depending on which one of the boat charter companies you’ll be engaging, some may provide a variety of all-inclusive wedding day packages, while others may offer their input and suggest how you should plan your wedding. Either way, know that a yacht charter company like Valencia Yachts ourselves are always here to assist you! Now, to guarantee your day is as special as you’ve always dreamt, here is a list of five helpful tips in creating an unforgettable yacht wedding. Cut on guests Compiling a guest list can be one of the most frustrating tasks in planning a wedding. Especially if you’re moving the entire party onto a yacht, your space will be even more limited. Even yachts with high capacity levels have limited space for guests. Inviting too many people to your wedding on a yacht, can mean that guests won’t fit onto one level and will have to be split in the upper and lower deck. However, it is not to say that these limitations are necessarily a downside. In fact, if you look at it in another way – it’s actually the perfect way to infuse exclusivity for your wedding! All you need to do is ensure that you leave enough room for everyone to mingle comfortably and get close to all the action. Voila! Your list of guests alongside you and your partner are ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Pick the right timing Besides making your booking confirmation as early as possible to secure the timing and date of your special day – deciding which exact timing to go for matters too! In other words, we’re referring to the specific timeslot, as it determines the activities set for the day and setting for the wedding. For instance, if you prioritise photo opportunities – it’ll be good to start in the morning with the great lighting available. The only downside is that it’ll be a little hotter – but you can be prepared for an excellent lead up to the sunset! Moreover, it’s also perfect for those who are looking to play in the sea or engage in water activities – safety-wise especially. It’s only if you prefer something more quiet and relaxing, then should you go with a sunset by the bay for a more romantic setting, followed by a candlelit dinner under the breathtaking night sky. Whichever choice you make, do so early so you’ll be able to get hold of the time slot you desire! Plan photos beforehand It can be quite a tricky business getting everyone in a group photo while you are all on board. And even have a beautiful couple photoshoot on the boat when your guests are standing around. Make sure that you plan the photoshoot beforehand by also consulting your wedding photographer. Perhaps you can take the group photos before the formal events even start, this will also assure that everyone is on time. Avoid bringing large items Don’t hire extravagantly large décor and tables. Instead, opt for smaller décor items to decorate the deck and leave enough space for guests to roam around and even dance a little bit! Simplicity is key here due to the limited space available, … Read More

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Boat Wedding

It’s one of the most special moments of your life – so, it’s really no surprise that uniqueness is one aspect you’ll seek on your wedding day. Hence, why weddings on a yacht may be the perfect idea to indulge in. It’s the epitome of romanticism and exclusivity, after all. We’ve seen so many boat weddings in romantic movies, and you’ve maybe even witnessed one from ashore. There is no reason why you can’t indulge in the romantic fantasy too. Read on as we expand even further on why having your wedding aboard a yacht may be a wonderful idea. Low-cost There is this great misconception that yacht and boat charters can be quite expensive. This might be true in certain cases, but when you compare wedding prices on lands with weddings on boats, then you might be surprised. Hosting a wedding on land can be extremely expensive, and there may even be added costs for extras. On the other hand, when you book a boat wedding, you will have an array of choices. Many boat charters offer couples different packages that range from extremely small to luxurious, such as the choice of boat. At Valencia Yachts, our Victoria Charter and Valencia Charter are up for grabs. Starting from $999 and $1,200 respectively, the cost of a wedding venue is on the low-end, which presents you with more funds to focus on other parts of the wedding. A gorgeous backdrop Memories should come with well-taken photos to reminisce the big day and the wonderful time spent with guests, revelling in the moment of the special occasion, and of course – the solemnisation to celebrate the official marriage between you and your spouse. That said, imagine taking wedding photos with the sunset in the background. Drifting on the ocean creates an astonishing picturesque backdrop that can’t be achieved on land; your photos will be amazing and unique, for sure! Vacation-like experience If you have a small wedding guest list, you’ll be able to extend the wedding to a few days. Not only will guests be on board for the celebrations, but you’ll have a choice whether you want to make a whole weekend of it. You will be able to spend much more time with guests and have a mini “honeymoon-like” experience with your partner by the waters. Besides, you get to take in the scenic city skyline and other ravishing sights as you sail on the water from one harbour to the next! It’s amazing how getting off land can create a calm vacation-like atmosphere for everyone at the wedding; a kind of breakaway from the business of land. Flexibility You won’t have to stress about hiring different vendors from different companies. Weddings on boats are so popular because most boat charters include all staff and services. Furthermore, you’ll be given a crew that will ensure your guests’ safety and that everyone is served drinks and food while onboard. Moreover, the yacht company will usually be accommodating enough to listen to your needs and requirements when putting together the wedding. For instance, if you’re in need of food catering – you can make your request upon sending your booking or enquiry. As for wedding planner-wise, entertainment, and so on – you’ll just have to check with your private yacht charters company. If you do plan on getting married on a boat, you won’t regret your decision for one second. Not only will you have gorgeous views as a backdrop and an exclusive experience, but you’ll also create an unforgettable memory that a stationary wedding venue won’t be able to top.