4 Gorgeous Yacht Wedding Decoration Ideas To Consider

When you are planning to have your wedding on a boat by the open seas or nearby river, you’ve already let go of the traditional norms for your big day. Hosting your special day on a boat charter has endless possibilities and creative interpretation. The happy couple can indulge in different kind of decoration options, that they wouldn’t necessarily get away with on land. However, if you are a bit stuck on which kind of theme to choose, here are a few excellent wedding decoration ideas for your big day on a boat charter. Ocean platters Fit the theme by adding ocean-inspired dishes onto your wedding menu. When you are hosting your wedding on the ocean waters, it’s only befitting that you serve food from the waters itself. Let your guests indulge in a seafood buffet with mussels, clams, shrimps, fish, and even sushi. If your budget allows it, you can add luxurious crab, lobster and caviar onto the menu. To level up, you can even serve the entrees in big shells from the ocean! However, keep in mind that some of your guests might have a shellfish allergy and that you should make sure there are alternative options available for those who do. Sea cake A wedding celebration isn’t complete without a cake. Instead of opting for a traditional white and gold or naked cake, why not let your dessert reflect your surroundings? Add splashes of blue onto the frosting and add smaller details like cute starfish, seafoam, corals, and perhaps a small school of fish. Take it up a notch by adding different sea creatures and characters. Maybe, you will even be considering to throw in a big Kraken, a mermaid, or even a pirate battleship; by all means, go ahead! Do whatever you feel best displays your personalities and style. Nautical elements Remember that space on a yacht can be limited and trying to fit huge decoration pieces onto it, will only take up the space. Still, this shouldn’t keep you from adding touches of nautical elements onto the areas! There are many different nautical decoration pieces that you can incorporate into your wedding. Antique steering wheels from boats, lifebuoys, and rusty anchors are perfect to place around the social area. As centrepieces, you can use sailor hats, and even sailboat replicas. Or better yet, add fun nautical slogans onto the walls like ‘Setting sail!’ and “Ahoy, Matey!” Go full pirate For those who dare, you can go completely pirate with your theme. Add parrots, eye patches, peg legs, and treasure chests on the deck. You can even have some fun and host an activity where your guests have to follow a map to get to a bag of gold coins! When you do opt for a pirate theme, it doesn’t have to be a costume or child’s party. You can change all the colours to rustic browns and whites to make it all seem much more formal. That way, the attire on the big day will still remain the same, and you can feel free to flaunt your pre-planned outfit; be it a luxurious wedding dress or tuxedo! No matter what decoration ideas you decide to choose, don’t forget to add a touch of your surroundings to give it that extra bit of pizazz. Meanwhile, if the price is of concern to you – the private yacht cost can be discussed with us. Our boats charter are also affordably priced from $999 for our Victoria Charter and $1,200 for our Valencia Charter.

What To Pack For Your First Yacht Charter Trip By The Sea

So, the time has finally come – you’ve made your booking for private yacht rental, and it’s time to set sail! Now, if it’s your first time aboard yacht – you will want to consider planning your list of items to start packing before the trip begins. You wouldn’t want to overpack or leave out any essentials that may prevent you from enjoying your yacht experience to the fullest. To help you pack smartly, we’ve constructed a list of things you have to consider and what you have to pack for your first private yacht charter. Bag size Try to fit all of your items into a medium-sized soft cover bag – it’ll be much easier to carry around. Not to mention, having a soft bag will make it easier to store away than a square-shaped hard-shell suitcase. Swimwear Most private yacht charters will have enough clean and dry towels for guests to use, but you can never have enough bikinis or swimming trunks. Even though you might think you’re going to wear many different kinds of clothes, chances are you’ll probably spend the whole duration of the trip in swimwear; whether you’re onshore or onboard a yacht! So, pack a few swimwear options for a change every now and then! Cover-ups Pack a few items that you can throw over your swimsuit for lunch and in between sunbathing and swimming sessions. Items like tank tops, sarongs, T-shirts, lightweight pants, or sundresses are perfect for quickly covering up. Shoes You’ll find yourself in a variety of situations, going from the sundeck onto the beach and for shoreside excursions. You’ll definitely need soft-soled shoes for on-boat activities, as most yacht charters don’t allow hard soles on the deck. Packing flip-flops and soft-soled trainers will be more than enough to cover all the situations. Sun protection You don’t want to get sunburnt while lying in the sun all day. Sunrays that reflect off of the ocean water can be really damaging to your skin, and it’s important to wear sunscreen at all times. Even if it’s just cloudy weather, the sun is still potent. Pack a lighter SPF for your body and a stronger one for your face and lips. Also, do invest in a decent sun hat and sunglasses for extra protection – and you’re all set! Comfort and warmth For the chilly night air, you can pack some shorts, t-shirts, a pair of cotton trousers, an extra sweater, a lightweight jersey or jacket for a cool night’s out. Meanwhile, you could also bring some light foul-weather gear for the occasional rainy days. However, there may be times when you’ll need to put on dresses for women and jackets or dress trousers for men during trips to some luxurious restaurants and resorts. So, be sure to pack these in so you are all ready for a fancy and elegant dine-in. Medication Don’t forget to pack prescribed medication as well as some headache pills and seasickness medication. Check with the captain or the crew if there will be a first aid kit onboard. Otherwise, take action and prepare one beforehand to ensure everyone’s safety. No need to pack for every event imaginable when you go on a boat charter. As long as you have your swimsuit, comfortable clothing, and protection from the sun, the yacht trip will go perfectly!

A Complete Guide To Hosting A Party On A Boat

Impressing your guests is as easy as hosting a fun and exciting party on a boat. No matter what the occasion, it’s worth celebrating by gathering all your favourite people on a watercraft and having a fun night. There are quite a few differences between an on-water party versus one on land. It’s therefore important that you thoroughly prepare and have everything at hand. After all, you’ll be cruising by the waters the entire time so heading back to the land to restock any goodies is not a possible option. So, to help ensure you’ve got everything checked out on your list, all the necessities on hand, and to perk up the trip – here are a few handy tips! Boat size If you already own your own boat, you’ll know how many guests can fit onto it. However, if private yacht charters are what you’re planning to go for – you will have to consider the options available. To make things easier, contact a yacht charter company such as ourselves, Valencia Yachts, and consult us to find out how many passengers a boat can take! You wouldn’t want to end up cramming too many people into a small on-deck space. So, keep the guest list equivalent to the space available. Invitations Guests should be prepared for an on-water experience. If you are driving in an area where you can jump into the water and cool down, your guests need to know in advance that they should pack dry clothes and bathing suits. Check with your chosen yacht charter company whether you’ll be in spots that guests can enjoy the water. Make sure that all your guests are on-time; then you can start the party right away! Pick a theme Even if a theme isn’t required, it can add fun to the event. Especially if you’re planning to host a yacht birthday party – it will be sure to jazz up the party and excite the guests even more. Choose fun water themes like Pirates, Under-the-Sea, or Navy Seals. This will also help when choosing décor! Food and catering You don’t have to prepare food that’s too complicated. A simple onboard barbecue with burgers and fresh fruit platters are great alternatives to complex food buffets. At the same time, have a cooler on-hand with ice and refreshments (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). You can never have too many drinks, especially if you’ll be cruising around on a hot summer’s day. Make sure that you have enough food for everyone. You won’t be able to run to the shops when you run out. Lighting You might enjoy the sun’s light throughout the day, but when the boat party moves into the night, you’re going to need some extra lighting. It can get quite dark in the middle of the waters. However, do remember to avoid torches and candles; instead, do set up fairy lights and battery-powered lanterns before the event. Music Music truly makes the world go round – whether you want an onboard life band or to hook up some speakers for a DJ. Nothing beats having classy tunes to sing and dance along to. You could choose to bring in waterproof speakers if you’re afraid of any water coming into contact with your speakers. This will ensure that your speakers are completely safe and sound – so, go ahead and turn up the music! Safety Safety should be your number one priority, especially if you’ll be serving alcoholic beverages. Have emergency kits freely available as well as floatation devices, life jackets, first aid kits, and whistles. Such precautionary measures are necessary … Read More

6 Excellent Catering Ideas For Special Events On A Yacht

Eating on a yacht can be quite different from eating on land. Mostly, meals involve not staying still the majority of the time with the yacht in constant movement. Plus, there are many different safety regulations that have to be considered. Meanwhile, though space is slightly limited compared to your own home kitchen or usual dine-in restaurant – it’s still completely possible to make your boat charter experience interesting with food! Pasta Pasta is a dish that is easy to prepare and can feed a whole army. Whether you choose spaghetti, penne, or macaroni, it’s an easy boil in a pot and viola. Add ready-made pasta sauce to the mix, some fresh herbs, and you’ve got yourself a delicious meal! Fruit Fruit serves as a great healthy snack throughout the day. Furthermore, they can be kept cool in the refrigerator without and are excellent grab-and-go alternatives. Some great picks include bananas, apples, and peaches which work perfectly as daily snacks. If you want to put more effort into it, you can cut watermelon, papaya, and pineapple into small cubes. Afterwards, just put the cubes in sealable airtight containers and take out from the fridge for enjoyment when you’re ready to dig in! Burgers and fries When you want to make a quick warm meal, you can use the cruise grill for cooking hot dogs or burger patties. It’s important to consider safety when you take on this task, but most yacht rentals do have installed grills that work with gas and use a series of safety precautions. Pop frozen fries into the oven or boil in hot oil as a great accompaniment. Don’t forget tomato sauce and mustard as a relish or maybe even salsa. Tacos Tacos are easy to make and can be eaten by hand, avoiding dishes getting piled up, making it especially ideal for an event such as a yacht birthday party! Cook some minced meat in a pan with onions, and put it on a taco with lots of cheese, jalapenos, and tomato salsa. Put some sour cream in a glass bowl and let your guests dip into the bowl if they want to. If you want to go all Mexican – you can grab some nachos and smother them in cheese sauce, guacamole, tomato salsa, and finely chopped chilli. Sandwiches Prepare ready-made sandwiches at home and take them along for the trip! You can make a variety of sandwiches and keep them in the refrigerator until the next day or even the day after. Topping choices can include Peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, and scrambled egg and mayonnaise. Snacks Apart from fruity snacks, you can prepare other easy-to-grab snacks like homemade muffins, nut mix, gummy bears, dried fruits, cookies, and granola bars. Having different kinds of sugary snacks will give guests a boost of energy whenever they need it. Bonus: Beverages Remember that no yacht charter is complete with a series of drinks. It’s important that you take along more than enough fresh water and juice. If you are going for a romantic steak dinner at night, then don’t forget the champagne and wine. Meanwhile, if it’s a family trip and there’s going to be kids around, or you’ll be inviting your Muslim friends aboard – then, it’s best to keep your choice of drinks non-alcoholic! As for your private yacht rental – no matter what kind of event you have in mind, these different yummy goodies will be sure to fit in perfectly! Meanwhile, if it’s a corporate event or one involving your clients – you may have to consider bringing in … Read More